Covid arrives in Snowy Valleys

Three new Covid-positive cases have been recorded in the Snowy Valleys Local Government Area to 8pm Tuesday night.

Just where in the Snowy Valleys the positive cases are from has not been revealed by the MLHD. The latest three cases follow a positive case revealed on Saturday.

Unlike other health regions across the state, the MLHD said it will not announce the town associated with a positive case, only revealing the Local Government Area (LGA).

Asked by the Times why, the MLHD responded: “We do not provide details on individual cases. Cases in MLHD are reported by LGA. It is a NSW Health requirement in place to maintain the privacy of patients.”

However, other regional Local Health Districts, are all naming cases by towns.

Snowy Valleys mayor James Hayes said that approach was not particularly helpful in an LGA like the Snowy Valleys, which spans from the Victorian border to the ACT, encompassing communities in some cases hundreds of kilometres apart.

“It would be helpful if those locations were more specific,” Cr Hayes said. “Some of our area is more susceptible at this stage, because its closer to Victoria, where case numbers are higher.”

More than 95 per cent of Snowy Valleys residents aged 15 and over, meantime, have received at least one Covid vaccine jab, and 88.9 per cent are now fully vaccinated.

Cr Hayes welcomed the high vaccination rates, saying it stood communities in good stead as cases inevitably filtered into the area in the future.

“It’s fantastic to see those kinds of numbers who have been vaccinated,” he said. “We had our first positive Covid case over the weekend – it’s been a long time coming.

“People have been very vigilant but it was just a matter of time before we had a case and there will be more in the future.”

“High vaccination rates will help protect our communities.”

There were a total of 33 cases recorded across the Murrumbidgee Local Health District (MLHD), including 21 in Albury Local Government Area (LGA), two in Wagga LGA, two in Griffith LGA, two in Murray River LGA, one in Temora LGA and one in Federation LGA.

A woman in her 90s from Albury died in an aged care facility. She was not vaccinated. There have now been nine deaths linked to an outbreak at this facility.

There has been a total of 795 cases and 12 deaths recorded in the MLHD since the start of the current outbreak. Of the 795 cases, 616 were in Albury LGA, 25 in Hilltops LGA, 33 in the Greater Hume LGA, 16 in Edward River LGA, 37 in Murray River LGA, 16 in Federation LGA, 12 in Berrigan LGA, 21 in Wagga Wagga LGA, two in Coolamon LGA, two in Murrumbidgee LGA, one in Cootamundra-Gundagai, seven in Griffith LGA, two in Temora LGA, one in Lockhart LGA and four in Snowy Valley’s LGA.