Residents feel betrayed

Save Tumbarumba Shire Committee member Lucy Henderson believes the feeling in the town is still one of anger at the merge
Save Tumbarumba Shire Committee member Lucy Henderson believes the feeling in the town is still one of anger at the merge

One member of the 80-strong audience who attended last week’s community meeting with the Administrator was Lucy Henderson, who is a member of the Save Tumbarumba Shire Committee.

Last Thursday’s meeting was the third Miss Henderson has attended in the Administrator’s series and the following morning, she spoke with the Times and offered her reaction.

“The turnout at last night’s meeting shows still the feeling of betrayal that is in the community and also residents wanted to hear and see what the administrator and the new set-up is about,” she said.

“We were very confident that this merger wasn’t going to go through and were absolutely astounded, horrified and shocked when it did hap- pen.

“The tone and feeling within the community is still one of shock and sadness and betrayal.”

Miss Henderson highlighted the administrator’s uses of ‘consultation’ and ‘answerable to the community’ and questioned why the residents of Tumbarumba should believe what they are told following the merge.

“We did everything that was asked of us and were entirely disregarded so what’s going to be different this time around?” she questioned.

“I can’t see how this community is going to have a say in anything.

“The blood money that they are throwing at us is just insane – it’s an attempt to bribe us, to keep quiet.”

Miss Henderson, owner of Tumbarumba Outfitters, was baffled and confused at the content offered by the Administrator during his speech.

“During the presentation last night, they just recited everything that the Tumbarumba Shire was, such as inclusive and communicative,” said Miss Henderson, who has been involved with the SOS campaign from the start.

“Yet now they are going through this huge process, using millions and millions of dollars to create some- thing that they have destroyed, just to redo it over again.”

Whilst acknowledging the good in-tentions of Local Representative Committee member Ian Chaffey, Miss Henderson could not see any practical applications to his suggestions.

“I understand where Ian Chaffey is coming from in encouraging us to get involved and embrace belonging to a much larger community,” she said.

“But the smaller communities he is referring to are totally different to Tumbarumba.

“His suggestions are beautiful and idealistic, but very easy to say – not as easy to put into practice.

“I really cannot see how that is going to happen.”

Miss Henderson also explained her intentions heading into the next meeting she is set to attend.

“I speak to a lot of people from Corryong who come to Tumbarumba shopping because they say their town has completely died since its amalgamation,” she said.

“It used to be a thriving community, but not anymore.

“I will be asking at the next meeting what will be different about Tumbarumba – are we going to be the next Corryong?” she finished.

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