Students get edge in safety

Tumbarumba High School Year 12 students take part in the Snowy Hydro Young Driver Program at Rosewood Skid Pan last Wednesday. Back row: Alex Speechley, Benji Chaffey, Amillea Metcalf-McDermott, Alexia Sweeney, Eliza Gollan, Triniti Hussell, Connor Martin. Front row: Casey Pratt, Kelly Duffy, Holly Giddings.

Tumbarumba High School students took to the Snowy Hydro Young Driver Program like ducks to water when it came to Rosewood Skid Pan last Wednesday.

A group of 10 year 12 students, both P-plate drivers and some L-plate drivers, took part.

“It was a really good day,” Tumbarumba High School year 12 advisor Brin Hussell said.

“The kids got a lot out of it; it was very positive.”

The students were taught about correct seating in a car, emergency braking, first on bitumen and then on a tarp with soapy water to simulate a wet roads, the safety features in new cars and how to fit snow chains.

“The kids asked lots of questions, which the instructors were happy about,” Ms Hussell said.

“They encouraged them to ask questions, even if they seemed silly. The kids were brave. They learned that many old-fashioned ways are no longer acceptable. They raved about it afterwards, and the kids that didn’t go were disappointed. It was great of Snowy Hydro to put it on.”