The show won’t go on

Hyne Timber’s Noy Garner awarded the Best on Ground award to Hannah Wooden for her steer at last year’s Tumba Show.

The Tumbarumba Show is the latest event to fall victim to the Coronavirus pandemic with the show cancelled for the first time since the war.

The show was due to take place this Saturday, with hundreds expected to flock to the Tumbarumba Showgrounds for a fun-filled day of competition and entertainment.

However, with the Coronavirus pandemic getting more severe by the day, the show committee on Monday morning decided to cancel this year’s show.

The decision came about as a result of advice received from the Agricultural Society Council along with government restrictions banning all non-essential gatherings of more than 500 people as of Mon- day, as fears intensify about the spread of the virus.

Local community members had also expressed concern to the committee about the show going ahead. Tumbarumba PA and H Society secretary Amanda Lewis said the committee was devastated to have to cancel the event, but admitted it was a necessary step to take.

“The show starts to be planned from the week after the previous show; this is a year round job with the hard yakka culminating in the couple of months directly before the show in March,” Mrs Lewis said.

“The committee were devastated to have to make the decision, but we need to think of what is best for us in our community but also those that travel too.

“We did think there was the possibility that we could be advised that cancelling the show would be the way to go, but you always hope for the best; it’s just not worked out that way this time.”

This year’s show would have been the 128th of its kind, and other than because of the war, it has never been called off for an- other reason, before now.

The committee were adamant that the bushfire crisis would not stop this year’s show going ahead, and despite overcoming that hurdle, the Coronavirus pandemic is an obstacle too far and too dangerous to tangle with.

“We fought hard earlier in the year to make sure the show went ahead as planned following the very bad start to the year we have had, but then we did not expect this pandemic to appear,” Mrs Lewis said.

“It’s not only us in small towns like Tumbarumba that have been affected, but everyone all over the world.

“We will just have to get over this small hurdle and build up for a bigger and much better show in 2021.”