Tooma rainfall tops the state

Walwa Riverside Caravan Park lived up to its name on the weekend, posting this photo to social media.

The Tooma Dam rainfall gauge topped the state over Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with a whopping 127mm coming down.

A cold front and low brought widespread rain brought widespread  rain across south-eastern Australia before clearing out into the Tasman Sea.

The nearest to this total was 120mm at Reeves Knob in Victoria.

This exceeds every monthly total so far this year, with the exception of July, when 130.8mm fell.

According to Bureau of Meteorology data, 65mm fell in Tumbarumba on the weekend, which is more than fell in the whole of August.

Over the three days, 98.1mm came down at Khancoban.

53.6mm of this fell on Sattuday and 33 on Sunday. Saturday’s total was the highest daily amount since February 6, when the Bureau says 77.8 fell. The weekend total is also above that for the whole of August, the driest month of what was a wet winter.

In Carabost, 44.2mm fell, and this was again more than the total for August (41mm).

On the Murray River at Jingellic, 64.8mm fell, which was also well above to August total.  Bureau of Meteorology Meteorologist Hugh McDowell, said the rain was the result of a cold front moving through the region, and that it led to minor flooding of the Murray and Snowy Rivers.

He said it would be dry for the next few days, but that another cold front was expected on Sunday, with the potential to bring 3-5mm of rain.

The outlook for the next three months is for above average rainfall and above average minimum temperatures.

This is due to the Indian Ocean Dipole event, which is the equivalent of El Nino.