Water, water everywhere amid deluge

he SES vehicle had to be rescued after it was surrounded by flood waters.

Parts of Tumbarumba were inundated with water as 102.6mm of rain fell on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

Tumbarumba SES were busy on Thursday and Friday, with six of its volunteers in action.

Fortunately, an SES crew from Wagga was sent to help them out.

Tumbarumba SES unit commander John Mansfield said the unit responded to seven jobs.

“We had four roof tarping jobs and we were dropping off sandbags for businesses that needed it down at The Parade,” he said.

They also had to clear blocked gutters, which is a timely reminder for residents to ensure these are clear when heavy rains arrive.

The SES truck became stranded in floodwaters and was towed out by a council vehicle.

“That was a timely reminder not to attempt to cross flooded areas,” Mr Mansfield said.

The Tumbarumba Caravan Park flooded and caravans were evacuated from the park to higher ground at the overnight camping area early Thursday morning. Essential Energy also attended the park to assess electricity infrastructure onsite. Caravans were able to move back into the park over the weekend.

During Thursday roads were closed at Tumbarumba Caravan Park, Lauder Street adjacent to the Tumbarumba Caravan Park and Hammond Lane adjacent to the Tumbarumba Creek due to flood waters over roads. 

On Friday morning further roads were closed for clean up at Kent Street and Lauder Street, Horse Creek Road, Hammond Lane, Tooma Road at Greg Greg, and Maragle road.

Various other roads were also impacted with surface loss or failed structures.

Localised damaged was recorded at many places including River Road, Maragle Road, Yaven Creek Road, Munderoo Ournie Road, Maragle Creek Road, Horse Creek Road, Kent Street, East Ournie Creek Road, Tintaldra Road, Back Kunama Road, Ellerslie Road, Dunns Road and Rifle Range Road.

Most roads reopened later on Friday, but the Tumbarumba Creekscape remained closed for the weekend to allow it time to dry out and for water levels to drop before cleanup work began on Monday.

The following is currently in place:

• Paddy’s River Falls – Viewing platform is closed due to damage to the foundations

• Jingellic pedestrian bridge – closed due to damage to the bridge supports

• Brindabella Valley Road – partially closed due to slip/washout of section of roadway, still passable but with caution

The council has made an application to the State Government for the flooding event to be declared a Natural Disaster. This will then enable the council to seek funding support for emergency and rectification works in response to the flooding under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

Second wettest

November on record

Tumbarumba has just had its second wettest November on record with 231.4mm falling, compared to 240.2mm in 2011, the wettest on record.

November 2021’s total was over three times the long-term monthly average of 76.1mm.

Of the 231.4mm that fell, 102.6mm of this fell last Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the wettest of these being Friday, when 47.8mm fell, the wettest day since June 24, when 51.6mm fell, and the third wettest of the year.

The rainfall for spring in Tumbarumba was over twice the long-term average, with 439.4mm falling compared to 260.9mm.

The highest temperature reached in November was 26C on November 2, which was the second highest temperature reached this spring after 26.5C on October 28.

The coldest it got this November was 0C on the 16th, and the coldest for Spring was -1C on the 14th and 15th of September.