Golf Club flooded again

Debris has built up near Tumbarumba Golf Club’s Par 3 tee following the recent flooding.
One of the Tumbarumba Golf Club access bridges was washed away by the recent flood waters.

For the second time in just over a year, the Tumbarumba Golf Club has been flooded.

In October of 2020, the club had multiple access bridges washed away by flood waters, while long-lasting damage to the remainder of the course was felt for months by golfers before being repaired by hard-working club volunteers. 

The club witnessed similar damage last week, with flood waters again wreaking havoc on the Tumbarumba fairways, and Club Captain Michael Pearce said the course would likely be out of action until 2022. 

“It’s way, way too wet. It would have to be early in the new year when we get back to playing,” Pearce said. 

“With the amount of work we have in front of us, it’s going to take a while; there is a bit to do.”

Pearce said course maintenance and access would be the biggest issue. 

“We definitely won’t be playing on four holes, because we can’t get across the creek,” Pearce said. 

“It will be the second, sixth, seventh and eighth holes that are impacted.

“We lost two bridges. One was a temporary one after the last floods and it means we can’t get the mowers onto those holes.

“There is one bridge we desperately need to have but it will take some work to get back up and running.”

Following their second flooding in as many years, Pearce said the club would need to explore more ‘permanent’ options to avoid future flood damage.

“We are trying to get something more permanent this time because our temporary bridges aren’t doing their job,” Pearce said. 

Replacing access bridges and fixing the course will come out of the club’s pocket too, and following a trying period for the club, Pearce explained all improvements and repairs would be completed by volunteers. 

“Its’ all voluntary and that’s why it is so frustrating,” Pearce said.

“It is tough on everyone. We had the course looking really, really nice up until this point but it’s all gone again and we will have to try and get it back up and running.”

The Club Captain believes it is the aftermath of 2020 Dunns Road Bushfires causing the flooding issues for the Tumbarumba Golf Course. 

“Because of the bushfires and the vegetation on top of the town creek, it has not recovered yet and there is nothing to hold it,” Pearce said. 

“It just spills down and there is nothing anyone can do about it.”

For updates on golf and when play will resume, readers are encouraged to contact the Tumbarumba Golf Club.