Junior Greens enjoy return to competition

Tumba-Batlow Minor League returned to action on Saturday after a week off due to the Queen’s Birthday June long weekend. 

Most teams travelled to the border to take on Albury in round seven of the competition and it was the Greens’ high-flying under 12s league taggers raising the club’s flag with a big 40-4 victory over the Thunder. 

This coming Saturday the Greens are on the road, playing Gundagai-Adelong in Gundagai. 


11s: Albury def Tumba 50-nil

12s LT: Tumba def Albury 40-4

13s: Albury def Tumba 16-8

14s: Junee def Tumba 24-18

16s LT: Albury def Tumba 26-nil

Under 6s

The young Green Machines showed off their talent with Jock O’Ryan starting the scoring streak with two tries down the right corner. 

Luke Heinecke then showed his pace and power with a full length of the field try followed by another corner try by Jock O’Ryan. 

The little under 6 team are really starting to play and it didn’t take long before young Harry Burton followed alongside his teammates, all scoring a few tries throughout the game in the corners. 

Tyler McCullough did some great runs and after a lot of determination he finally got over the line to score twice this week. 

As always, Flynn Bell put in his 100% and pushed hard to get through to the try line and help chase down the opposition.

Archie Jarvis and Oliver Griffiths are improving weekly and weren’t afraid to jump in take some tackles and help support their teammates.

The second game against Albury Thunder Black was a bit of a different story as they were a much stronger side, but the boys all pulled together showing a great amount of team work and determination not giving up even when the Thunder team become a bit rough and used their pace. 

Louie Peel is putting his practice to play and after his try the previous weekend, he is trying his hardest to get over the line again with some powerful runs. 

Edward McCallum continued to support his team and had several great runs throughout both games. 

Ash Browning and Theo Murphy are also another couple of determined young player coming out of their shells and performing well trying to push through the opposition and assisting their teammates with tackles. 

This week’s awards went to Tyler McCullough and Luke Heinecke for the first game and Harry Burton and Ash Browning for the second game.

Under 7s

Harry, Hunter, Nick, Leo, Kai, Dan and Archie all showed that have been listening at practice and ran the ball forward. 

Harry (2), Hunter (2) and Dan (1) succeeded in making the try line. 

The team saw Kai and Leo push Albury side over the sideline for Tumba to obtain the ball. 

The teams also saw Leo, Hunter, Nick, Harry and Dan team up a number of times to stop Albury getting tries. 

Morgan is showing great confidence in the game. 

Albury were a tough side and all the boys held themselves really well.

Under 8s

The team travelled to Albury to face the Thunder for their 7th game of the season with two under 7s coming early to play up for them.

Although they were down on numbers, the boys were full of enthusiasm and effort.

Captained by Mr Straight-To-The-Point and Keen-To-Lead Nick Baker, the boys took to the field.

Nick enjoyed this role immensely and tried his heart out throughout the game in both defence and attack whilst organising his team. 

The first quarter saw the Albury team out in front after two almost tries for Tumba-Batlow were ruled knock-ons at the placement of the ball over the line. 

A hard lesson to learn but no doubt will see the boys really focus on their control of the ball going down for the try moving forward. 

The second quarter, things were evened up with Levi Bremner consistently up with the play of the ball making tackles in defence or ground in attack this seen him be awarded the first 2 of his 4 tries for the game. 

There were no conversions during the game, so unfortunately and much to their disappointment the boys, they didn’t get to test out their kicking skills.

The game continued to be evenly matched from this point forward, with both teams defending and attacking well.

Cooper Rankin chased well throughout the game stopping a try for Albury with a fantastic tackle right on the line. 

He also made solid runs, one in the third quarter resulting in a try.

Mason Hulm showed brilliant resilience and grit throughout the game, continually running the ball forward after experiencing some hard hits.

Harrie Bremner had strong runs and determined tackles, a particular one to note can only be described as a bull charge where he pushed the attacking Albury player 15 meters sidewards until he was declared out, getting the ball back into Tumba-Batlow’s possession.

Beau Ellis once again was always up in the action whether it be in defence or attack making hard tackles and solid runs bagging himself a try in the third quarter.

Charles Triffet again displayed fantastic tackling technique and was consistently the first up to the opposition in defence. 

This coupled with his impressive strong runs seen him walk away with the McDonald’s award for the day. 

Under 13s

This week the under 13s showed a big improvement but unfortunately went down to the Thunder in a low scoring contest. 

The Greens started off well with a set move from Troy Perry and Jayden McPherson resulting in a try from Jayden in the opening 10 minutes. 

It was a hard-fought battle for the next half an hour with Tumba/Batlow holding onto the 4-0 lead until early in the second half. 

Albury then scored two unanswered tries and converted them both. 

The boys hit back with Zane Goldspink scoring a great try from dummy half. 

The conversion was unsuccessful, and the score was 12-8. 

The Thunder crossed the line again out wide late in the game with the final score being 16-8 in favour of the home side. 

Despite the narrow loss, Jayden Worldon had his best game of the season so far with some strong tackles and running the ball with plenty of determination. 

He was supported well by Connor Proctor who continues to improve and Ted smith who returned this week from injury. 

Deegan Lesniak was in absolutely everything with some solid defence and barn storming runs. 

Deon Bramich also had a great game, combining well with Ajay Osborne on a couple of occasions gaining some valuable metres up through the middle. 

Darcy Finnimore, Sebastian Osorio-Bradley and Declan Shore defended the left side very well this week with Declan taking a couple of excellent catches on the last tackle. 

Once again, the under 11s played up and George Smith and Evan Rankin stood their ground against the older opposition.

Under 14s

Tumba/Batlow under 14s travelled all the way to Junee this week to face the Diesels. 

Tumbarumba ended up making a thirteen-man squad and everyone put in a massive effort playing a full game as we had no reserves.

Tumba/Batlow’s forward pack dominated up the middle of the field with some great defence from Deacon Crane, Hamish Wood, Zach Baker, Deegan Lesniak and Kane Hawkins.

The Greens backline went try-for-try with Junee throughout the match, with Ted Smith crossing the line and Joshua Ovenden scoring three tries. 

Points were also added off the boot of Jayden McPherson who had a standout game. 

Thanks goes out the under 13s boys who backed the team up after already playing their game in Albury earlier that morning. 

The 14s are eagerly awaiting the return of Arthur Smith, Reece Hulm and Ethan Thompson who were out due to illness or injury.

The boys were unlucky to lose by six points with the final score ending up at 24 – 18 Junee’s way.