Little Athletics back to business

Gabby Osorio-Bradley in the long jump.

After having two weeks off due to flood damage, the Tumbarumba Little Athletics Club (TLAC) excitedly met on Tuesday, November 3 for an energetic Club Night.

With 64 athletes currently registered with the TLAC, there are now six aged groups to coach and compete.

The highly anticipated discus net has now been completed and will be utilised throughout the season. Thank you to all involved in bringing this asset to fruition. 

The Tiny Tots aged group started the evening and their training session by celebrating the Melbourne Cup. The group loved competing together in ‘horse races’. 

The little athletes then enjoyed a fun ‘dance party’, which focused on practising skills such as hopping, jumping and balance.

Always a huge hit amongst youngsters are the parachute games. Raising the giant, lightweight rainbow sheet, running underneath and hiding in a secret rainbow circus tent. 

The little ones finished off their training with sack races which always prove to be fun-filled and hilarious for all. 

Getting straight into the session, the Under 6s were off to a flying start with some super sprints. 

Tyler McCullough was really showing his speed and showed great sportsmanship in positively challenging others. 

The group then put in a solid effort with shot put practice. 

Flynn Bell showed great enthusiasm and pushed hard to do his best with his shot put tosses.

Moving on to hurdles, newcomer Stevie Long came along to see what Little Athletics is all about and she achieved terrific jumps at the hurdles. 

Harriet Bradley was a very helpful participant in the group. 

Thank you to the parents who helped with timing the runners.

The Under 7 and 8 girls got to practice shot put first up before they recorded their distances. Under 7s’ Alice Wolters threw an impressive 3.33 metres followed closely by Under 8s’ Maddelyn McColl at 3.30m. The group then moved onto 100m sprints where the girls were put into groups of three to race. 

Under 12s sprinters at the start line.

All the athletes showed great encouragement for each other. Returning athlete Harriet Webster proved she has some speed with a time of 15.00 seconds. 

The last event for the night was discus where the members practiced techniques of holding, pointing and throwing the discus. 

Thank you to all the girls for a fun night and thank you also to the parents that helped within the group.

In the same ages but as a second group, the Under 7 and 8 boys started the night with a quick warm up. The athletes refreshed their skills in long jump, remembering how to jump and land on two feet. After a practice round, the group measured their long jump distances, completing two jumps each.

All the athletes strived to achieve further lengths on their second jump. Longest jumps for the night were Harrie Bremner at 2.15 metres, Kai Bell 1.39m and Dan O’Ryan 1.78m.

The group rounded out the night with some agility skills, which involved lots of running, jumping and movement skills. 

In Under 9s this week, the group started off with a warm up and darted into some agility skills. The athletes twisted and turned, hopped, jumped and even cartwheeled through the course to build up directional skills and power through their legs. 

Next, the group moved on to discus and after a refresher of the rules and some technique pointers, the kids had a practice. Thanks to the parent’s who assisted, enabling the start of recording measurements of their throws which are compared throughout the season. 

Lanie Anderson made the discus soar with a huge throw and Sawyer Webster followed closely behind with many great throws from the group. 

The third event of the evening was long jump. This was their first trial for season. 

Each of the athletes had a jump before we measured and recorded again. 

Their distances were impressive with correct technique displayed. Kahlia, Ruby Bradley and Maddison Bremner performed well for the girls while Harry and Logan showed off their best efforts for the boys. 

The group were lucky to have more new members participate who did extremely well at new activities.

“It is wonderful to see a greater number of older athletes registered this year. This will give them much needed competition and the opportunity to expand on their skills,” coach Jill Wescombe said. 

Lanie Anderson in the discus toss.

This week saw the group begin the evening discus.

Their first throw was measured in order to demonstrate to the athletes their progression as they expand their knowledge and develop new skills throughout the season.   

After measuring this first throw the group began developing the technique of rotation in the discus throw. 

This was a new concept for the athletes and was undertaken with enthusiasm by the whole group.   

Next, the group moved onto learning to throw the javelin.  For most of the group this was their first time using a javelin and they all did extremely well.  

Special mention to Elijah McPherson and Jake McClulloch, the youngest in the group, who both did extremely well with correct technique and landing accurate throws.   

After javelin, the youngsters moved onto sprint skills, where the coach concentrated on improving the athletes start skills.   

Start skills are extremely important as races have been won or lost due to a good or poor start.

The Tumbarumba Little Athletics Club meets Tuesday each week, at the Sports Hub/Oval from 4:45pm.

For enquires, please contact Gemma via email [email protected] or phone 0400 735 417.


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