Minor League calling on volunteers

Tumba-Batlow Minor League Club are calling on coaches and managers ahead of the 2021 Group 9 Junior Rugby League season.

Tumbarumba-Batlow Minor League (TBML) will kick off their season at the Gundagai Mini-Mod Carnival this weekend, but with the club chasing coaches and managers, the committee will leave it up to coaches to decide whether they will be playing. 

Only some coaching and manager roles have been filled but the club is still seeking coaches and managers for the under 7s, 8s, 9s, 13s tackle teams and the 10s, 12s, 16s leaguetag teams. 

A manager is also needed for the under 6s and 14s tackle teams. 

TBML President, Derek Smith, took to social media on Monday night to highlight that the club needs more support from parents and volunteers. 

“Clearly, the club is in need of more volunteers,” Smith wrote. 

“If you are interested in one of these coach or manager roles, please contact myself or another committee member. Alternatively, hop straight in and email your application off to Kylie!”

Smith reiterated that without coaches, their teams could not play or attend the Gundagai carnival.

“These teams can’t train without a volunteer to coach them, so the only training that can take place on Friday at this stage is for under 6s, 11s, 14s and under 8s leaguetag,” Smith wrote. 

“We would hope some more volunteers would come in this week, to allow more teams to train.

“In terms of the Gundagai Mini-Mod carnival this weekend, obviously only those teams with coaches are in a position to play this weekend.”

With the Group 9 Junior Rugby League season nearing closer, TBML are hoping to have team Facebook conversations up and running for parents and players in the next fortnight, but until then, the Tumba Batlow Minor League Facebook Group is the best source of up-to-date information on training and registrations.

Anyone interested in coaching with TBML this season can email [email protected]