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Super Shots march on

A full complement of six matches was completed last week in round 12 of the Tumbarumba Night Tennis Competition, meaning there are still three rounds to be played before the finals begin on March 22.

The win by Unmatchables was their first victory for the season, which means Carabost Tigers remain the only team in both grades who have yet to record a win.

In A-Grade, Super Shots have now won twelve matches on the trot and extended their lead to thirty points over their nearest challengers. 

Super Shots are on 48 points with Deltones and Matadors level on 18 points. Bandits sit in fourth place with 12 points. 

The win by Matadors means that they are now six points ahead of Bandits in equal second position. 

With team one playing team 4 in the finals, to borrow a harness racing term, Bandits are in the “death seat” because unless their form dramatically improve, their opponent in the first week of the finals will be the currently undefeated and untouchable Super Shots and that should be it for Bandits for the season, unless there is a miracle.

In B-Grade, 20-20 are in pole position on 38 points, followed by Gooliwangs 30, Wonkey Donkeys 28, Furry Balls 26, Bench Warmers 26, Burra Rabbits 18, GOATS 14, Unmatchables 8 and Carabost Tigers 4. 

The season is probably over for Burra Rabbits and GOATS as far as the finals are concerned as they would need to win their remaining games and hope that other results went their way. 

Gooliwangs, with their win over Carabost Tigers, moved from fourth position into second position, leapfrogging both Wonkey Donkeys and Furry Balls in the process. 

However, Gooliwangs have the bye in round 14 so the best that they can finish is 38 points with two further wins. 

Bench Warmers, currently in equal fourth position, also have a bye in the last three rounds and no defeats or draws would move them on to 34 points. 

Weather permitting, fine performances from Wonkey Donkeys and Furry Balls over the remaining rounds could see these teams consolidating their positions in the four at the expense of, possibly Bench Warmers. 

Of course, a lot depends on which of the top teams meet each other in the run in to the finals and which teams slip up, either through pressure, bad play or luck or exceptional performances from their opponents. 

A-grade round 12 results

Super Shots 47 defeated Bandits 39

Matadors 49 defeated Deltones 42

B-Grade round 12 results

Unmatchables 55 defeated Burra Rabbits 52

Bench Warmers 65 defeated Wonkey Donkeys 36

Gooliwangs 61 defeated Carabost Tigers 45

20 – 20 53 defeated GOATS 44