Tough Strava Series leg tests cyclists

Dora Bettridge flies around a corner during round three of Cycle Tumbarumba’s Strava Series that was held on the ‘On The Run’ course.

Cycle Tumbarumba’s Strava Series had local riders looking more like fugitives last week, when sighted circling the mountain behind town in hope for safe passage to the podium of pardon in round three of the competition.

It was a tough week for those cyclists’ game enough to compete, with the wrath-delivering course aptly named ‘On the Run’.

The 5.3km course with 96 metres of elevation in the first lap, proved to be a fitting sentence for the legs, taking in two laps of the police paddock starting from just off the tar.

The downhill segment left no rest for a weary soul and demanded respect, with the laws of gravity keeping riders on their toes.

The get out of jail free card in the form of two bonus points for the most attempts ridden, was as sought after as a death penalty pardon from the Governor General.

One such cyclist not to spend an eternity in shackles, was Jo Crane from A-Grade, who headed out for eight attempts in the quest for freedom and it must be noted that her eighth attempt was her quickest, with Crane maintaining her rank as Strava’s Queen of the Mountain for this course. 

Crane did mention she was thrilled about the chase for the bonus points brought to this week’s competition, and applauded everyone that kept nibbling at that carrot with her.

Others who took on the challenge from A-Grade were Kelvin Bettridge and Chris McIntyre, with each rider taking on six attempts, and Ria Johansen who went around five times.

The next get out of jail free card was awarded to Dora Bettridge of B-Grade, with a solid six attempts, closely pursued by Gus McEachern with five solid strikes at the course.

All those in C-Grade appeared to be confident with their pending sentences as no one was tempted to claim the hallowed prize.

The track conditions were well above board following the working bee conducted by the local MTB club volunteers last weekend, and the weather held off for the duration of the trial.

Top of the A-Grade podium this week saw King of the Mountain, James Davies having to make a return to the scene on Sunday at the 11th hour to take back first place from Brett Nurthen, who had recorded in a couple of hot laps in the previous days – Nurthern’s efforts awarded him second place, 25 seconds behind Davies. In third was the local work horse Chris McIntyre.

The B-Grade podium saw a new face on top of the ranks. Robert Nurthen, a new comer to the sport appearing in the recent Summer series and proving to be heading up the ranks. 

Second place was the club’s working bee coordinator, Darren Greene, and Glen Keefe finished in third.

C-Glock saw Helle Johansen getting ahead of her mother Heather Johansen for the first time this season and coming in third place was Kelly Evans.

This week’s course is the 9.1km Masons Hill course, Fire Trail Fiasco, recycled from this year’s spring fling. Stay upright kids, and have fun!