Tumba hold top spot in pennants

Tumbarumba Golf Club will host the final round of the Hill Zone Pennants on Sunday.

The Hill Zone Pennants competition will come down to the final round of play this weekend at Tumbarumba Golf Club. 

Tumba are currently equal first with Batlow on eight points, while Welaregang and Walwa trail them by one game.

Unfortunately, the home side is on the bye this weekend, meaning no points, and results will determine whether or not they progress through to the final the following weekend.

Tumbarumba Golf Club will be rueing a lost opportunity against Batlow last weekend, when they went down 3-2 to their rivals when playing in Adelong, while in other round six games, Walwa belted Holbrook 5-nil and Welaregang won against Corryong 3-1. 

 “The competition is actually quite tense, Tumbarumba is on top with Batlow, but Walwa and Welaregang are chasing and are a chance of making the final,” said Hill Zone Captain, Ernst Weyhausen.

A change in competition structure could hurt Tumbarumba’s chances, with wins the only points on offer this season, where previously, games won were including in the table.

“A team win is two points, whilst in the past we added two points to the win for the number of matches won – now suddenly you are only getting two points for a team win,” Weyhausen said. 

It looks destined that a countback will determine Tumbarumba’s chances of playing in the final, and luckily, they sit second overall regarding matches won.

At the moment, Welaregang are on top with 16, Tumbarumba 15, Batlow 13. Walwa 12, Adelong 11, while Corryong and Holbrook are both on 10. 

In round seven, Welaregang, who have a dominant games won total, can secure a place in the final with a win over Adelong. 

In the game that will garner the most interest, Batlow play Walwa and if Batlow win, they are through to the final, while if Walwa win, they need to win well to make up an inferior games won total. 

In the final game Corryong and Holbrook will be playing for pride and are hoping to avoid finishing last. 

Hill Zone standings: Tumbarumba 8, Batlow 8, Walwa 6, Welaregang 6, Holbrook Corryong 2, Adelong 2.