Two teams remain unbeaten in Fast-5

Kim Towse received pressure from Hilary Richards in the goal circle during the latest round of the Fast-5 netball competition. Photo by Wendy Lavis.

After four rounds of the Fast-5 netball competition, there are only two unbeaten teams, with Skeer’s Strikeforce and Titans leading their respective pools. 

In Pool A action on Wednesday afternoon, Titans were too good for Balls up 27-11, while RH&H of Tumba were 22-17 winners over A Team to move into outright second place. 

Wonkey Donkeys were also winners, scoring a 13-6 result overt the winless Drew Crew.

Pool B saw the top of the table clash between Titans and Clueless, with Titans winning 19-16, while Mix and Match were 16-10 victors over Slow and Curious and Bad Mums won again, beating Furious Fivers 22-14. 

Round five action will tip off later today.

Pool A results

Skeer’s Strikeforce def Balls up 27-11

RH & H of Tumba def A Team 22-17

Wonkey Donkeys def Drew Crew 13-6

Pool B results

Bad Mums def Furious Fivers 22-14

Titans def Clueless 19-16

Mix and Match def Slow and Curious 16-10


Pool A: Skeers’ Strikeforce 8, RH&H of Tumba 6, A Team 4, Wonkey Donkey 4, Balls Up 2, Drew Crew 0.

Pool B: The Titans 8, Clueless 6, Bad Mums 4, Furious Fivers 4, Mix and Match 2, Slow and Curious 0.