Winning run extended as Fliers sweep Swans

Fliers A-Grade coach Brigid Rhynehart watches her shooters closely before delivering the ball during her sides 43-29 victory over the Federal Swans on Saturday. Photo: Wendy Lavis

For the second week in a row, the Tumbarumba Fliers have swept their Upper Murray Football and Netball League opposition off the courts, winning every senior grade when visiting the Federal Swans at Corryong Recreation Reserve on Saturday. 

Typifying their day on the courts, a Brigid Rhynehart-led A-Grade side were unstoppable, piling on 65 goals in their 18-point win over the Swans. 

A good day of results will give the Tumbarumba club confidence, with the Fliers sitting pretty in most competition standings ahead of a bye week, before an away trip against the strong Cudgewa club on May 22. 


The Tumbarumba Fliers were dominant against Federal, winning 65-47. 

The Fliers started strongly, with Brigid Rhynehart leading her team from the centre position and directing great play downcourt into the attacking end. 

Rhynehart and wing attack Sophie Skeers delivered consistent, precision passes into the shooting combination of Katie Waters and Renee Moxey, who converted to take their side ahead 15-9 after one quarter.

Tumbarumba continued to dominate throughout the second quarter, displaying exceptional downcourt defensive pressure against Federal and forcing several turnovers. 

Wing defence, Tamikah Hoffman showed speed and eagerness for the ball, which rattled her opponent, proving her a reliable player to always contest the ball. 

Goal defenders Sigrid Cottam and Jemma Lorimer performed secure defence against Federal attackers, stealing possession from the Swans and creating additional scoring opportunities for their team. Tumbarumba extended their lead, with the half time score sitting at 34-19. 

Third quarter had the Fliers beginning to fatigue with Federal playing their best quarter of the game, with each team tallying 14 goals for the quarter. 

Helen King took the court as goal defence in the third, reading Federal’s game and maintaining great defensive pressure. 

Tumbarumba’s midcourt continued to compress Federal’s play and force them into some close three-second held balls. The three-quarter time saw the score read 48-33. 

Tumbarumba picked back up in the fourth quarter with defence forcing their opposition into mistakes, while midcourt players securing their centre passes and delivering successfully to the goal circle, producing an 18-goal lead by the final whistle. 

Sophie Skeers was a well-deserved players player and Jemma Lorimer was awarded the coach’s award. 


Tumba’s B-Grade managed to keep their cool in the heat on Saturday coming out with a 43-29 win against Federal.

A strong first half from both teams saw a nail-biting battle, with one goal the difference heading into half time – Tumba just ahead 19-18.

The Fliers’ defence was working in overdrive but the team’s inability to send the ball down the court and convert in the goal circle held them back from the break in the score line they desperately needed. 

Brooke Wooden made her 2021 Fliers debut, fitting comfortably into the B-Grade line-up with a stellar performance in defence that saw her earning the coach’s award for the round. Wooden came out strong from the start, shutting down the Fed’s attack and quickly finding her place alongside the defensive powerhouse of Helen King and Jemma Lorimer.

Keeping the opposition on their feet and holding pressure under the Swan’s ring, King and Lorimer’s defensive force kept the Fliers in the game, allowing their attacking end the opportunity to shine come the second half.

A burst of energy and some fresh combinations heading into the third term saw the Fliers turn it around, clearly dominating the second half of the game.

After a week off from injury, Hannah Taylor returned to the defensive wing, injecting herself into the game with some high impact intercepts. 

Sarah McColl turned it up in the centre court working seamlessly with Amillea Metcalf and Helle Southwell to control the pace of the game. The centre court trio demanded possession of the ball through the middle and fed perfectly into the circle providing endless opportunity for the shooters.

Jane Lane and Amelia Murray held their own in the shooting circle, stepping up to the energy of their teammates and making an impact on the scoreboard. 

Nat Lowe made her B-Grade debut in the fourth term, adding a whopping 11 goals to the score line. 

A second half performance B-Grade hope to bring out firing in round 6 after the bye. 

Player’s player for the match deservedly went to Sarah McColl.


Tumba’s C-grade Netballers take each week as it comes and this week was no exception, with the visitors’ winnings 35-15 when taking on Federal. 

With a full team, the Fliers took the court excited to play against the indomitable Feds for the first time this year.

With a rock-solid line up from end to end, winning centre passes was the name of the game and they did just that nearly every single time.

Adding in the intercepts taken by centre court players that the shooters converted saw the team building a small lead and increasing it quarter-by-quarter.

Things looked grim when Kate Molkentin had to call injury time for a seriously strained calf muscle in the first quarter, but the game went on smoothly with the experienced players that the team is made up of making the most of every single opportunity.

The Fliers used the versatility of players like Liz Power, who despite having not played in defence for many years, came out guns blazing taking rebounds and defending every ball which earned her the coach’s award this week.

The second quarter saw Rebecca Clarke also leave the court with a calf strain, which resulted in a flurry of movement in positioning, but once again the team settled and kept the movement flowing beautifully down the court.

Leading in the centre and wing position was Keesha Bremner, who this week earned herself the player’s player award.

In the end, the Fliers’ experience and solidarity won the day, taking the match by 20 goals.


In the heat of the morning sun, the D-Grade Fliers faced off against Federal and produced a very convincing 35-4 win. 

This week, the team welcomed another skilled player to the side by the name of Bethany Pearn. 

The first quarter started slowly for both sides as they eased into the game, with the visitors going ahead 5-1.

Bethany made her debut as a wing defence in the second quarter applying pressure against the Federal’s centre court, with Angeline Walker and Piper Thomson teaming up and extinguishing the shooting attempts from any opposing players.

Fliers centre court players Katey Patricks and Ava DeLuca were determined to get the ball into the hands of the shooting duo Triniti Hussell and Fiona Klavins, which paid off as the end of second quarter score flew up to 17-1 in favour of Tumbarumba.

Third quarter saw Jacqueline Pearce pick up the wing attack bib, which is not a position she is familiar with. Not only did she thoroughly enjoy the change of position, she also dominated in it by ensuring a safe passage for the ball into Fliers’ star goal attack Millie McDougall. The score impressively sat at 29-2 after the third quarter.

In the last quarter the Fliers sealed their fantastic win by adding another six goals to their score and only allowing Federals to score another two. 

The impressive 35-4 win was very rewarding for the team after their hard work on the court. 

Player’s player was awarded to the remarkably skilled Ava, and the coach’s award presented to Piper for her mighty efforts on the day.