Winter sports up in the air

Winter sport competitions are again up in the air after the recent Victorian Government five-day Covid-19 lockdown. Photo: Wendy Lavis

It is looking more and more unlikely that any Murray Cup, Upper Murray League or Hume League games will be played on Saturday and Sunday.

All three competitions were forced to postpone last weekend’s rounds following the Victorian Government’s snap five-day Covid-19 lockdown that was announced on Thursday. 

The Victorian Government has indicated the lockdown would be extended, but is yet to announce when the lockdown will officially end, and all hope of playing this weekend looks lost, with Victorian based teams unable to train, let alone play. 

Murray Cup President Bill Bell didn’t think the Tumbarumba Greens, who were meant to host Wangaratta last Sunday before an away game against Corowa this Sunday, would play any rugby league until the lockdown was lifted in regional areas of Victoria.  

“I would say we are unlikely to play and it comes down to the Victorian clubs,” Bell said. 

“Players can’t train or anything at moment, so we can’t think about playing.”

Bell was pessimistic in his views, hinting an extended lockdown could spell the end of the Murray Cup season. 

“A week off we could deal with, but two or three weeks would make it tough and might finish the season,” Bell said. 

“I think you will find players will start losing interest with the start-stop nature of the season.”

The Tumbarumba Kangaroos also missed the opportunity to play their football and netball matches against Corryong on Saturday, and Upper Murray League Operations Manager Nadia Edwards said it was unlikely the Kangaroos would get to play their much-anticipated game against Bullioh on Saturday. 

“(We are) waiting on an update from Vic gov (Victorian Government). We will probably not play this weekend,” Edwards said. 

The Hume League is also up in the air, with the Victorian Covid-19 lockdown only compounded by the revelation that infected Sydney removalists had stopped at a Jindera petrol station on Saturday, July 10, forcing competition organisers to abandon last Saturday’s round.

Hume League representatives will meet tonight, and Vice-President Philip Bouffler explained that clubs should express their thoughts on the situation, with some clubs already voicing that they just want to play, while other clubs have suggested that they will be decimated by the unavailability of Victorian-based footballers and netballers. 

“We’re going to gather as much information as we can from clubs before the meeting,” Bouffler said. 

“Hopefully more news has unfolded; it’s really going to depend if there’s any positive tests from Jindera and what happens with the lockdown in Victoria.”

For updates on the all three competitions, readers are encouraged to follow their respective social media pages and websites.